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Advantages of Long Term Airport Parking

Long-term airport parking lots are separate from the day-use airport parking and are significantly cheaper. Designed for individuals who intend to travel for days, long term airport parking can save you time and money, while knowing that your car is secure. 

Save Money on the Cost of Taxis

When you add up what you would spend on public transport to and from the airport, you will realise that you could save money. Taxis and Uber drivers will often have higher fees during peak hours, as it can take longer to reach the destination due to traffic. Using long-term airport parking can save you from those fees, while enjoying the luxury of travelling at your own pace. 

If you travel frequently, you can take advantage of Park & Fly’s loyalty rewards program. As you store your vehicle with us, you will collect points, which can be used as cash to cover fees from future stays. 

Avoid Unexpected Delays Taking Public Transport

Taxis and bus systems are not always reliable to be on time. Ubers can also be booked during peak times, making it difficult to find one. Using your own car to get to and from the airport will minimise your transport time and relieve the anxiety of missing your plane due to long longs or complications. 

Long-term parking facilities have (often family-friendly) shuttles that will transport you from their facility to the airport and back again. As they are so close to the airport, you won’t have to worry about long commutes. 

Online Airport Parking Reservations are Quick and Simple

You can easily make parking reservations online or through apps. You can compare prices between lots, find out about their shuttle services (if they are not immediately by the airport). You can also learn how your vehicle will be parked and read customer reviews about each lot. 

Often, you’ll be given records online about the current condition of your car and exactly where it is parked. When you return from your flight fatigued, you’ll be able to quickly find your vehicle and return home. You can also take advantage of valet-style parking to save even more time. 

Car is Kept Safe and Secure

Automobiles are a large investment and should be kept safe and secure and out of the elements. Keeping your vehicle in long-term airport parking will ensure it will be there and won’t have any damage when you return. Many parking lots have several options, allow you to pick what you want for your vehicle while you are away. 

You may even opt for special services, such as a car wash and interior vacuuming, while you are away so that you can return to a clean vehicle when you return. 

No Wait Time of Transport Leaving the Airport

When arriving home from a long journey, most people are exhausted and just want to be home. Waiting for an Uber, taxi, or other transport can take a while, especially if there are complications with your flight time. Keeping your car in a parking lot close to the airport allows you to pass lines waiting for transport and finish your journey home. 

How Long is Long Term Parking

“Long term” parking is generally defined when you plan to be out of town for one week or more. You may be able to store your vehicle at a long-term parking facility even if you’re going on a weekend getaway.  Your car will be kept secure for the entirety of your time away, even if you are gone for weeks. 

At Park & Fly, we keep your car safe and secure while you are away at an affordable price. Our shuttles (including two that are child-friendly) are always available to transport you from the airport to our facility. Book your car’s stay with us today.