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Park and Fly offers a range of car wash options, all performed by hand, by our in house car wash team. Away for a day or a week, book your car care package now and your car will be spotless upon your return.

Professional hand car wash packages include:



4WD Vans & Large Vehicles

Mini Wash (Exterior wash + Wheel Detail)

A thorough wash designed to leave the exterior of your vehicle with a stunning finish

  • Hand wash and chamois dry of vehicle exterior
  • Clean and shine of wheels (including blackening of tyres and silicon  protection coat to help reduce dirt)
  • Wipe & dry door sills and door jambs
$36 $47

Additional Service : Interior Vacuuming

$20 $20

Super Wash (The Works: Inside and Out)

A pampering package offering a combination of exterior and interior care to your vehicle

  • Total mini wash package plus
  • Complete vacuum cleaning of seats, carpets and boot
  • Cleaning and conditioning of dashboard and other plastic surfaces for a refreshing finish
  • Clean and Shine interior and exterior windows
$62 $79

Ultra Wash (In & Out Clean & Polish)

The ultimate treat package for your vehicle

  • Total Super Wash Package plus
  • Hand Polish application for long lasting shine and high gloss finish
  • Bonus Anti-bacterial air sanitizer treatment for vehicle air vents.
$119 $139

Diamond Cut Polish and Machine Buff

This package is suitable for aged/dull car paint that has built up stains, sun faded sections, fine surface scratches and where hand polishing will have only limited results.

Package Includes:

  • Total Super Wash (inside and outside clean)
  • 2 stage cut polishing
  • Application of Mild or Medium grade polish
  • Machine buffing of the paint surface to remove surface stains, marks, dullness and filling of fine surface scratches. Buffing is done using a medium grade cutting pad which will rejuvenate paint and achieve desired results
  • Hand application of liquid wax to finish off
$179 $199



4WD Vans & Large Vehicles

Leather Care (Cleaning & Conditioning)

Deep cleansing and conditioning of leather interior using high quality ammonia and a silicon free formulation

  • Leather feels soft and smooth without any sticky residue
  • Bonus Anti-bacterial air sanitizer treatment for vehicle air vents.

NOTE: Leather care: Is not available with mini wash

$59 $59

Clay Magic Treatment & Cherry Wax

Clay treatment that instantly removes surface stains and contaminants from paint work caused by Tree sap, Road tar, Bug Residue, Paint Overspray, etc

  • Car paint surface becomes smooth as glass
  • A Coat of Cherry Wax is applied to finish off for a longer lasting shine
$59 $59

Steam Cleaning*

Sometimes vacuuming alone is not enough, Seats, carpets or mats which have been stained, or have ground in dirt, will need to be steam cleaned.

  • Full Dry Steam Cleaning of seats, floot carpet, boot and mats will remove mojority of surface stains and eliminate odour. Car uphoistery will look and smell great
  • Bonus Anti-bacterial air sanitizer treatment for vehicle air vents.

* Not applicable to mini wash.

NOTE: Steam Cleaning: Is not available with mini wash

$99 $110