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Park and Fly offers a range of car wash options, all performed by hand, by our in house car wash team. Away for a day or a week, book your car care package now and your car will be spotless upon your return.

Professional hand car wash packages include:



4WD Vans & Large Vehicles

Economy Wash

  • Wash & Dry
  • Bugs Removed
  • Door Jambs Wiped
  • Wheels Hosed (High Pressure Hose)
$29 $39

Additional Service : Tidy My Interior

$20 $20

Mini Wash (Exterior wash + Wheel Detail)

A thorough wash designed to leave the exterior of your vehicle with a stunning finish

  • Hand wash and chamois dry of vehicle exterior
  • Clean and shine of wheels (including blackening of tyres and silicon  protection coat to help reduce dirt)
  • Wipe & dry door sills and door jambs
$36 $47

Additional Service : Interior Vacuuming

$20 $20

Super Wash (The Works: Inside and Out)

A pampering package offering a combination of exterior and interior care to your vehicle

  • Total mini wash package plus
  • Complete vacuum cleaning of seats, carpets and boot
  • Cleaning and conditioning of dashboard and other plastic surfaces for a refreshing finish
  • Clean and Shine interior and exterior windows
$62 $79

Ultra Wash (In & Out Clean & Polish)

The ultimate treat package for your vehicle

  • Total Super Wash Package plus
  • Hand Polish application for long lasting shine and high gloss finish
  • Bonus Anti-bacterial air sanitizer treatment for vehicle air vents.
$119 $139

Diamond Cut Polish and Machine Buff

The package is suitable for cars where paint is dull, has built up stains, sun faded sections, fine surface scratches and where hand polishing will give limited results.

Package Includes:

  • Total Super Wash (inside and outside clean)
  • 2 stage cut polishing
  • Application of Medium Strength Compound
  • Machine buffing of the paint surface to remove surface stains, marks, dullness and filling of fine surface scratches. Buffing is done using a medium grade cutting pad which will rejuvenate paint and achieve desired results
  • Hand application of liquid wax to finish off
$179 $199



4WD Vans & Large Vehicles

Leather Care (Cleaning & Conditioning)

Deep cleansing and conditioning of leather interior using high quality ammonia and a silicon free formulation

  • Leather feels soft and smooth without any sticky residue
  • Bonus Anti-bacterial air sanitizer treatment for vehicle air vents.

NOTE: Leather care: Is not available with mini wash

$59 $59

Clay Magic Treatment & Cherry Wax

Clay treatment that instantly removes surface stains and contaminants from paint work caused by Tree sap, Road tar, Bug Residue, Industrial Fallouts , etc

  • Car paint surface becomes smooth as glass
  • A Coat of Cherry Wax is applied to finish off for a longer lasting shine
$59 $59

Steam Cleaning*

Sometimes vacuuming alone is not enough, Seats, carpets or mats which have been stained, or have ground in dirt, will need to be steam cleaned.

  • Full Dry Steam Cleaning of seats, floot carpet, boot and mats will remove mojority of surface stains and eliminate odour. Car uphoistery will look and smell great
  • Bonus Anti-bacterial air sanitizer treatment for vehicle air vents.

* Not applicable to mini wash.

NOTE: Steam Cleaning: Is not available with mini wash

$99 $110

NRMA Car Servicing include:

NRMA Car Servicing


Simply tick the box and the NRMA will be in touch to discuss your requirements and provide a quote.
Whether you have a 4WD, European vehicle or small passenger bus, we can take care of it. Plus, if you’re a Member, you’ll save 10% on your total bill.

  • What Kind Of Service Can I Get?
    Once we know your vehicle’s make, model, year and kilometres, we’ll be able to recommend what type of service you might need. Otherwise, you can let us know which one you’d like when we call you for a quote.
  • Fixed Price Service
    Our Essential service is recommended for all cars every 6 months, and includes a 40-point safety check, oil and filter change, fluid top ups, battery check, and brake clean and adjust.
  • New Car Warranty Service
    Our log book service incorporates a full range of checks to make sure that everything is operating safely and at the manufacturer's standard, with your log book stamped and new car warranty upheld.
  • General Repairs
    We can also help you with specific mechanical repairs including batteries, brakes, tyres, suspension, exhausts, coolant flush and refill, and many more.