Car Wash & Servicing Packages

Park & Wash

Park & Fly offers a range of car wash options performed by our in-house car wash team. Away for a day or a week, book your car care package now and your car will be spotless when you return.

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Professional hand car wash packages include:




4WD Vans & Large Vehicles

Mini Wash - Exterior Wash + Wheel Detail

A thorough wash designed to leave the exterior of your vehicle with a stunning finish

  • Hand wash and chamois dry of vehicle exterior
  • Bugs Removed
  • Alloy Wheels cleaned and Tyre Shine
  • Wipe & dry door sills and door jambs
$36 $47

Additional Service: Interior Vacuuming & Dash wipe

$25 $29

Super Wash: Inside and Out

A Pampering Package combining exterior and interior care to your vehicle

  • Total Mini Wash package plus
  • Vacuum cleaning of seats, carpet, mats & boot (if empty)
  • Dashboard, LCD screen, vanity, door & other interior plastic surfaces cleane
  • Clean and shine interior and exterior windows
  • Car requiring extra cleaning time may change to Works Wash Program
  • Pet Hair / Sand Removal Charge of $20 may apply if built-up is heavy
WAS $72

NOW $67
WAS $92

NOW $85

Ultra Wash - In & Out Clean & Polish

The ultimate treat package for your vehicle

  • Total Super Wash package plus:
  • Hand polish application for long lasting shine and high gloss finish
  • Eucalyptus Deodorizer
$119 $139

The Works Wash – Extra Cleaning or Oversize

The package is suitable for cars that require extra cleaning time to achieve desired results. Ideally suitable for family cars, Tradie's Ute or Van, Cars with built up pet hair or heavy interior soiling and cars that were driven off road and has baked on mud.

  • All of Super Wash plus
  • Extra attention and time for vacuuming, interior clean or hosing
  • We may re-quote after inspection
$99* $119*

Diamond Pack - 3 Stage Full Cut & Buff

"A Cut Above the Rest"

Package is suitable for aged & dull car paint that has built up stains, sun faded sections,fine surface scratches and where hand polishing will give only limited results.

Our 3-stage cut polish bring backs the shine and eliminates the need to re-paint the car.

The package includes:

  • Total Super Wash (In & Out Clean)
  • Stage 1: Removal of road tar and grime with solvent to clean the pain
  • Stage 2: Machine Cut polishing using Heavy/Medium grade cutting pad.
  • Stage 3: Final buffing with soft pad & wax to finish off
  • Includes Minor Sanding 3000 grit on bonnet if required (3M)
  • * Price may be re-quoted if extra buffing or sanding is required after inspection.
$319* $399*

Paint Protection Package

Our paint protection pack provides adequate protection up to 24 months form effects of rain and sunlight without creating a hole in your pocket.

Package includes:

  • All of Super Wash plus
  • Clay treatment to de-contaminate the paint
  • A coat of fluro-carbon based Silver Seal Paint Protection
  • Free of Charge second application of the sealant within 12 months with any wash package purchased
$219 $279

Inside Only – Interior Clean

Cleaning option during Wet weather & Rainy days.

The program includes:

  • Vacuum cleaning of seats, carpet, mats & boot (if empty)
  • Cleaning of dashboard, door & other interior plastic surfaces
  • Clean and shine interior windows
$47 $59

Full Detail – TLC Pack

A complete inside and outside clean. Perfect for hand over clean, family car, festive season clean or for a new car feel.

Package includes:

  • Total super wash package plus
  • Clay Treatment during wash to remove surface roughness from paint. Paintwork will feel smooth as glass.
  • Hand Polishing plus minor buffing to remove scuff and skid marks.
  • Steam cleaning of Upholstery seats, foot wells and boot. Fabric protection of Upholstery seats.
  • Cleaning and Conditioning of leather seats.
  • Interior Plastics re-conditioned if suitable.
  • Re conditioning or re -black exterior plastics where practical.
  • Clay treatment to de-contaminate the paint
  • Eucalyptus Deodorizer
Note: $36 additional charge will be applied for cars with 7 seats
$319 $399

Sparkles – Premium

Tar, Break –Dust Removal & Trim Restore + Brazilian Carnauba Wax

The package is suitable for cars that require deep exterior clean, without the friction of claying. Highly recommended for prestige cars, wheels with baked on rust or stains and premium black alloy wheels. Use of premium products for Sparkling Finish.

Package includes:

  • All of Super Wash plus
  • Break Dust Removal from wheels & panels. We use pH Neutral, non-corrosive iron dissolver. Wheels and paint work gets deep clean.
  • Removal of Road Tar- We use combination of petroleum based chemical and pure alcohol.
  • Interior Plastic trim restore, where suitable using thick water based dressing (non-petroleum), has pleasant fragrance.
  • Factory Finish Restoration of exterior trim lining the bottom of car with black-dye based or silicone free based solution.
  • Hand application of Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax paste (Mother’s California Gold), giving sparkling finish to white, black and bright colour cars.
$189 $219



4WD Vans & Large Vehicles

Leather Care - Cleaning & Conditioning

Deep cleansing and conditioning of leather interior using high quality ammonia and a silicon-free formulation

  • Eucalyptus Deodorizer
  • *Service price of $59 for 5 seats, additional price of $20 will be applied for cars with 7 seats
Note: Leather care is not available with Mini Wash.
$59* $59*

Clay Magic - Paint Restore & Cherry Wax

We specialise in safe removal of paint roughness & contaminants such as crystalised tree sap, road tar, bugs residue, industrial fall outs, artillery fungus, baked on fruit-Bats fouling etc, without causing damage to paint work.

  • We use patented Japanese Clay Bar
  • Car paint surface feels smooth as glass
  • * Price may be re-quoted for difficult to remove contaminates after inspection. Claying has its limitation but we have developed various ways, learned over 15 years of continuous operation to remove even the most stubborn and eye sore paint contaminates.
$59* $79*

Face Lift - Bonnet Cut & Buff

Paint work on bonnet wears out quicker than the rest of the car due to bug splat, heat from engine bay & sunlight and marks created from particles hitting at high speed while driving.

Bonnet will be machine buffed with cut polish which greatly improving the overall appearance.

$47 $59

Headlight Restore – 5 Star

Clouded and dull headlights restored in 5 steps combining 1000 & 3000 grit sanding followed by 3 diff cut polish and buff. A final coat of sealant wax is applied. Headlights becomes as new, improving visibility and aesthetic appeal.

$59 $59

Air Care – Sanitizer Treatment

Our air-care sanitizer treatment coats the heating and cooling system to eliminated odours caused by cigarette smoke, accidental spills, dampness, mould, mildew and bacteria. Suitable for use in all vehicles. Pleasant Apple Scent.

$47 $47

Premium - Pure Carnauba Gold Wax

For the ultimate shine and protection for your paintwork. Produced from premium quality Brazilian No.1 yellow Carnauba, this car wax produces brilliant finish with an unsurpassed depth. It’s perfect for layering and can be applied on all colors, old and new cars. Hand Application.

$59 $79

Steam Cleaning – Interior

Steam Cleaning Program

  • Steam cleaning of seats, floor carpet, boot and mats will remove majority of surface stains and eliminate odour. Car upholstery will look and smell great
  • We use Vanish Preen Gold Oxi Action to remove stains
  • Eucalyptus Deodorizer
Note: Interior detail combo cannot be added with mini wash.  
$149 $189

Please Note:
  • Pet Hair or Sand Removal charge of $20 will be applied where built up is heavy
  • Customers driving Oversized cars such as American Trucks and Cars that requires extra cleaning time are requested to at least book an “Ultra Wash or The Works Wash” to cover the additional time required for cleaning such cars.