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Storing Your Vehicle at a Long-term Airport Parking Facility

Parking Your Car at the Airport is Safer Than Parking At Home

Most are aware that travellers are generally vulnerable to crime in airports, due to many factors. The stresses of finding the correct gate, travel fatigue, and the overall hustle and bustle of busy airport make it easy for thieves to make off with valuable luggage, wallets, or passports. 

When you leave your vehicle at a long-term parking facility, you can rest assured that it is safer there than if you had left it at home. Long-term parking employs several features to keep your care secure.  


Long-term airport parking companies like Park & Fly run several security cameras 24/7 throughout their parking facilities. Great care is taken to ensure that nobody touches your vehicle without your permission. 

Security Guards

Not only is security continually watching the live-feed from the cameras, but they also take frequent security patrols through the facility to check for any suspicious activity. 

Quality Lighting

Quality lighting ensures that the cameras record high detailed images that are easy for security to watch. It also makes it more difficult for people to “hide in the shadows” while security patrol is in the area. 

Indoor Parking Keeps Your Vehicle Safe From Storm Damage

Hearing that a massive storm hit your hometown while you are away can be nerve-wracking. While you might not know how your neighbourhood was affected until you arrive home, you can be assured that your primary form of transportation is undamaged and secure. 

When storing your car at a long-term facility, you won’t have to worry about fallen trees, hail, sun scorching, or other elements that can damage your vehicle. Companies like Park & Fly have invested a lot into their state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that your property is kept safe when you choose their 100% undercover option

How to Keep Your Car Safe at the Airport

When leaving your car in a traditional lot, it is very vulnerable to crime. Thieves know that the majority of the cars stored won’t be missed for hours or days. While most airports do have some security on their lots, there is no real way for a security officer to know the true owner of a vehicle. 

Make Sure Your Car is Locked

While this may not deter some, many criminals opt for the path of least resistance and will target a “quick grab.” Traditional ways of breaking into a car can attract attention and it is far easier to hijack an unlocked vehicle. Make sure that all the doors on your automobile are locked and that all your windows are up. 

Remove All Valuables From Your Car

The most common reason for vehicle break-ins is for the valuables stored inside. Some of the most frequently stolen items include:

  • Purses – not only are they full of valuables, some purses are valuable on their own
  • Laptops – can be sold easily for a decent profit to unreputable sellers. If they manage to unlock your password, they could also have access to your personal information. 
  • Unchecked luggage – packed an extra bag and decided last minute not to check it? This luggage could very easily lure a thief to break into your vehicle. 
  • Shopping bags or boxes – even if there is nothing of intrinsic value in the bags or boxes, a thief may break your window just to check out the contents. Not only would this cost you in repairs, but additional damage could occur if it were to rain. 
  • Extra car key – if you have that “safety key” just in case you lose your keys, remove it. Thieves know the most common places to look for it. 
  • House keys – some people will toss their house keys into their storage compartment before they take a flight as they won’t need them until they return. This practice is essentially handing a thief the keys to your home while they know you are away. They can often find your identification in the car (such as on your insurance or registration). Don’t assume that your home is safe just because the keys are kilometres away.

Even if you don’t leave valuables in your car, there are built-ins (such as your radio or computer system) that can be removed and sold for a hefty price. 

Consider Your Parking Options

Storing your vehicle at a long-term airport parking facility will give you peace of mind that your car won’t be tampered with while you are away.  When booking online, Park & Fly can transport you to Sydney International within 10 minutes of your arrival at the facility. We also have shuttles for the whole family. Book with us today.