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5 Reasons Airport Parking Is Better Than Uber And Taxis

Generally speaking, your travel experience begins the second you leave your home, and not at the airport.

For what reason shouldn’t every bit of your trip be worthwhile and relaxing? 

It may seem somewhat convenient to take a rideshare or taxi to the airport, but all of these services are incomparable to the comfort, ease, and control that comes with driving your vehicle. 

Once you are in your car, you are in full control, thus doing away with wait time and allowing a customised journey, with things like music, climate, and so on. 

What are other reasons to choose driving your own car to the airport? 

#1 - Peace and Quiet


Noise is unpleasant to everyone, and automakers are also doing their best to provide quieter cabins. 

The last thing you would want after a busy day of travelling through the constant noise of cramped airlines and the crowded airport is unfamiliar music, conversation, or even secondhand noise from your driver who’s on a personal call. 

Once you get into your own, familiar car, you will clearly understand the moment of peace every traveller requires to unwind after a journey or to prepare for their trip. 

On the other hand, getting into a cab or an Uber invites a few minutes of small talk, blaring of advertisements from the TV by default, or perhaps a playlist you dislike. 

It is important to focus on minimising possible negative effects of travelling on your mental health as much as possible. 

According to the Business Traveller, “out of 200 international business travellers surveyed by International SOS and Kingston University, 45% said they were more stressed on work trips, 31% said they experienced emotional exhaustion and a quarter said mental health issues such as depression and anxiety were more prevalent.” 


#2 - Cleanliness 


Although there are standard cleanliness regulations for most taxi and ridesharing companies, there are always several factors that are out of control. 

Although your taxi or rideshare may smell of your driver’s lunch, unpleasant air freshener, colognes, or worse, you should know that your car provides the level of fresh air and cleanliness you want.

And while there may be crumbs, the gum on the floor, or stains in a taxi, your vehicle is fresh and clean. If it isn’t, don’t worry!

Park ‘N Fly provides car washing services such that your car will have an appealing look upon your return.

That is definitely a better change to come back to than finding your car damaged because it wasn’t properly maintained while you were away.

The concrete specialists from K J Concreting say that parking on gravel or dirt roads can cause tyre damage or warping. They explain, “extended periods of immobility and parking, over the course of weeks or months, can break down or destroy tyres. Tyre replacement can cost 80 to 800 dollars, depending on tyre size, brand and type of vehicle. So airport parking can save you hundreds.”


#3 - Comfort


You must have experienced it at one time, a relative or friend borrows the vehicle and adjusts the temperature controls, mirror angles, and even the seat position. 

And when you get in to drive the following time, you can’t understand why everything feels wrong. But why exactly is it so frustrating? 

Because we really love comfort. 

Setting the environment to suit our likings is a luxury, and you can’t deny that there is something so reassuring and comforting about this. 

After experiencing the unfamiliarity of a new country or city, placing your hands on your vehicle’s steering wheel with the temperature dialled incorrectly and the seat adjusted just the way you like it, is an unbeatable feeling.


#4 - Safety


One similarity between taxis and rideshares is that they are both driven by strangers 

Once we get into those ride-shares or cabs, there is no certainty if the driver will speed, the mood they are in, how tired they may be, or if we are safe in the end. It’s a common thing for women to express concern when it comes to the safety of ridesharing. 

Although a majority of passengers end up just okay, riding your own car is one sure way to avoid these risks.

Using off site lots such as Park ‘N Fly guarantees, we will know exactly who is in control of your driving experience, and of course, the answer is that we are.

Apart from those safety issues, leaving your car unattended during your holiday can cause an unpleasant surprise upon your return.

Tree removal experts at Cheaper Trees say that more and more cars are being damaged by fallen trees. “If a tree falls on your car, it is definitely not good news. But what many people don’t realise is, if you only have your state’s minimum coverage, it is not covered. And further, the insurers usually limit how much they’ll pay to remove the tree. Covered airport parking removes these risks.”


#5 - Freedom


Due to our work-focused, fast-moving environment, family and jobs mean that even returning from a journey doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the rest of the day off. 

Usually, our after-airport duties involve errands such as grabbing paperwork from the office, dropping off a suit at the local dry cleaners, grabbing mail from the PO box, or picking up groceries – and in this, rideshares and taxis leave us in the lurch.

However, our vehicles give us the freedom to do the things we have to do, the time we have to do it, with no delays or detours.

It’s straight home for a cab, hoping we have enough post-travelling energy to make it out again; however, in our cars, we can utilise our time efficiently to get us home as quickly as possible to relax

Above all, Park ‘N Fly provides travellers with an affordable way to get comfort, safety and control, just a few minutes from the airport terminal.

You no longer have to late or stress out again for a rideshare or taxi. After your return, irrespective of your journey was a challenging work assignment or an exciting vacation, getting behind your vehicle’s wheel after the flight is the easy, comforting antidote to the post-travel blues.

If you are ready to change your travelling experience for the better on your next trip to the Sydney airport, see your Park ‘N’ Fly options.


Written by: Hazel Philips